USA 8-in-1 Driver

Our Most Innovative and Feature-filled Driver… The USA 8-in-1 Driver!

  • EZ Guide Collar – helps maintain full contact between the bit and the screw for easier, more controlled screw driving.

  • Retractable Bit Cartridge – in the hand of the USA 8-in-1 Driver is loaded with 7 single end industrial grade durable 12T14 Steel bits!

  • Palm Save Cap – does not rotate as you push it while simultaneously turning the handle to drive screws. No Blisters in the palm of your hand. remove a stuck screw without stripping it.

  • End of shaft – is a hex nut driver with magnetic attach feature!

  • Shaft is alloy steel with ball detent.

  • Handle is engineered nylon/ABS resin – holds up to daily use.

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The USA 8-in-1 Driver is designed for superior grip whether tightening or loosening!  Keep it at your fingertips and ready to use – change bits quickly and get on with the job.


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