Magnetic Stick Light


Powerful pocket-sized to flood light!

New features make this MSL even more versatile.
Innovative new design for MSL pocket clip!

  • Rotates 0 to 180 degrees to flood light at any angle

  • Now has a powerful magnet for even more secure attachment!

  • Added bonus – Now it’s super bright LEDs protected by a durable clear lens

  • 3 AAA Batteries

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  • Now has eight super bright LEDs- more bulbs to light more area

  • Pocket clip now has powerful magnet for flush to cure attachment

  • Pocket clip moves 0 to 180 degrees to flood in light at every angle

  • Extra strong magnet and handle provides an extra hand as well as handy pickup tool

  • Produces a flood light effect as well as driectional

  • Molded clip keeps MSL in your pocket

  • New clear lens protects 8 LEDs

  • 84 Lumen output

  • Runs more than 10 hours


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