JugLugger Carrying Strap


Hardworking contractors put our product to the test day-in and day-out. You simply will not find a better, more rugged or longer lasting carrying strap!

  • Designed to connect quickly and securely to propane cylinders!

  • Saves time when transporting equipment from service vehicle to job site!

  • Frees contractors’ hands to climb ladders safely!

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Our Engineered Shoulder Pad…the Key to Comfort

Covered with high quality, heavy duty nylon and special anti-slip fabric to keep it secure on your shoulder without bindiing.

Our Heavy Duty Snap Links….the Easy Secure Connection

Heavy gauge steel snap links quickly connect to gas cylinders and other heavy objects. They are easy-on and easy-off, but lock in place to secure the load.

Our Strapping…

Heavy duty strapping easily adjusts length to minimize twisting and fiddling.


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