INSTA SEAL Large (with Dye)

1.5 to 5 tons with Dye


The ultimate injectable sealant

the fastest easiest refrigerant leak sealant!

Insta Seal with Dye ultimate injectable sealant is a new generation of sealants. It’s patent pending injection method makes it easier to install than other sealants. Pumping down the unit is now a thing of the past!

  • No more large equipment tools and injection hoses

  • Compatible with all refrigerants

  • System pump down not required on R-410A systems

  • Insta Seal injectable sealant in an inject-hose format is currently available in two sizes

Fractional – 1.5tons &
1.5tons – 5tons

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Fractional – 1. 5 ton Units and 1.5-5 Ton units.
Plus 1.5-5 Ton units with DYE

  • Reinforced clear tube that lets you see the sealant go in
  • Super concentrate means less material and system
  • Permanent seal
  • Won’t clog expansion valves or cap tubes
  • Takes only seconds to inject, no injection hose or caulk gun necessary
  • One time use
  • Multiple units can be used on larger equipment


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