HVAC Accessory Kit

A customized kit, especially for the HVAC industry!

Add these components to the extendable magnetic flashlight you already own to complete your powerful UV detector kit


  • Interchangeable with UV head for your EMF

  • right side mirror

  • oblong mirror

  • magnifier mirror

Ideal for all AC and fluid system applications

3 high output UV LEDs brilliantly illuminate all size and material

End points hard to diagnose trouble spots during the inspection process

3 inspection mirrors that connect magnetically to the lighted end of the EMF & Rotate on ball joints to adjust to any angle!

  1. Ritesite mirror

  2. Oblong mirror

  3. Magnifier mirror

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Deluxe carrying case designed to hold and protect all new components plus your current EMF and essential tool for all technicians.


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